Social media reunites young girl with her lost teddy in Lowestoft

Elsie Keeton-Powell (8) was reunited with her teddy after Mark (6) and his mother Stacey Cree posted

Elsie Keeton-Powell (8) was reunited with her teddy after Mark (6) and his mother Stacey Cree posted a photo on social media. - Credit: Nick Butcher

When a child loses his or her favourite teddy, there can be a lot of tears and tantrums as parents have to prepare their children for the worst - that their beloved toy might never come back.

Elsie Keeton-Powell is reunited with her teddy bear. Pictures: Nick Butcher

Elsie Keeton-Powell is reunited with her teddy bear. Pictures: Nick Butcher - Credit: Nick Butcher

But in a heart-warming story which shows the power of social media, a young girl from Southwold has been reunited with her cherished toy when she left it behind after watching a film.

Eight-year old Elsie Keeton-Powell, who attends Southwold Primary School, was visiting the East Coast Cinema with her mother Sarah and younger sister Nancy, six.

The special treat for Mother's Day soon turned to sadness for Elsie after she innocently left behind her favourite teddy called Floppy.

As Mrs Keeton spoke to her children on the way home that sometimes toys are lost or taken, Stacey Cree and her son Mark were secretly coming to the rescue as they had picked up the teddy and taken it back to their flat.

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'When we came out of the cinema we found a teddy on the floor,' Ms Cree said.

'Naturally we took it home, took a picture and put it on Facebook because I have seen a lot of people doing that and they have tracked down the owners.

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'I knew a little boy or a girl would be upset somewhere, so I just wanted to find the original owner.'

Ms Cree, who works in Subway in the town centre, lives with her six-year-old son in St Peters Court, having moved down from Newcastle last summer.

She admitted her surprise that over 250 people shared the photo on Facebook and Twitter, which led to a friend of Mrs Keeton recognising the picture having seen Elsie holding the teddy at the Venue of Performing Arts.

As the families met up to reunite the teddy, Elsie and her sister also made friends with Mark.

'I am really happy now and I have been very lucky', Elsie said.

'The thing is, when I lose my toys I am always upset but they always find their way back to me and I don't know how they do that.

'I remember that my mummy told us to go to the toilet and when I was washing my hands, I put Floppy near the sink and I forgot to take her into the cinema.

'When I came back to check on her she was gone and I was crying.'

Elsie's mother Sarah Keeton, who lives in Southwold, said the kind gesture sent out a good message to her children.

'You immediately fear think the worst and we asked everyone at the cinema if they had seen it.

'When my friend told me that the picture had so many shares, Elsie was amazed.

'I want to say thank you to everyone who has helped as it restores your faith in humanity.

'People know how kids get attached to their toys and this sends a strong message that mostly we are all good.'

Before the families went their own ways, Ms Cree added that she was 'completely made up' when she saw Elsie's face and her son Mark said 'the case is solved now'.

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