Southwold veteran risking his life working on Ukraine's frontline

rick partridge

Rick Partridge converted his large mobile home into a relief aid vehicle and has travelled out to Ukraine in it to help with the war effort. - Credit: Rick Partridge

From having a stray enemy missile fly over his head to reviving a cat who was almost at death's door, veteran Rick Partridge has seen it all out on the frontline in Ukraine.

Mr Partridge, a veteran of the British Royal Corps of Transport has converted his mobile home in to a relief aid vehicle and travelled out to Ukraine in mid-April to help refugees.

Since then, the 60-year-old has driven his relief aid vehicle from Southwold where he lives across much of Europe and into Ukraine.

He travelled through Ukraine's border at Dorohusk in the west and has since travelled through to Kyiv and then down south to the city of Zaporizhzhia.

mr partridge

Mr Partridge pictured with some civilian nurses. - Credit: Rick Partridge

He's now only a few kilometres from the frontline to provide first aid support and any assistance he can to Ukraine's refugees.

It is not only humans he is helping but a cat called Camy who he successfully revived after she got a throat infection.

camy the cat

Camy the cat was successfully revived. - Credit: Rick Partridge

Talking about the experience on the frontline so far, Mr Partridge said: "I do this because there are so many other people in the UK who would do the same if they could.

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"Being here makes me grateful that my own kids and grandkids are happy and safe.

"I think it is very possible that Russia will target Zaporizhzha very soon.

"Each day I hear loud booms that are possibly only 15 to 20km away.

"I am in a prime target zone each night."

For now, he has no plans to return to Southwold as the war continues.


Mr Partridge is helping people out living near the frontline - Credit: Rick Partridge

"I am risking everything I have in the world to do this with no return plan and I do so at my own risk.

"I would much rather I was back in Southwold instead of an army hospital which is a prime target to kill lots of Ukrainian soldiers and doctors."

"Everyone here in Zaporizhzha is very worried Russia will attack as it is the next big city by the war front.

"I have moved out of the hospital in order to not be locked in an army hospital if it does happen."

"I will stay to help as much as I can."

To donate to Mr Partridge's efforts, people can do so via his donation page on Facebook here: