Stunning photos capture Winter solstice sunrise at UK's most easterly point

winter solstice sunrise lowestoft

The Winter solstice sunrise captured at Lowestoft's Ness Point on December 21, 2021. - Credit: Richard Girling

Stunning photos taken this morning capture the Winter solstice sunrise rising at the UK's most easterly point at Ness Point in Lowestoft.

The Winter solstice occurs each year, usually around December 20/21 as the Earth's poles reach its maximum tilt away from the sun.

ness point lowestoft sunrise

People gathered at Ness Point to watch the sunrise. - Credit: Richard Girling

Astronomically it marks the beginning of lengthening days and shortening nights.

Ness Point, the UK's most easterly point, was the first place to see the sunrise in the country this morning at 08.01am.

winter solstice sunrise lowestoft

The sun could be seen rising at Ness Point at 08.01am. - Credit: Richard Girling

It will be the first to also see the sunset at 3.41pm.

Richard Girling, who lives near to Ness Point in Lowestoft captured the moment this morning.

winter solstice sunrise

People travel from far and wide to see the Winter solstice sunrise in Lowestoft. - Credit: Richard Girling

He said: "It has become a bit of a tradition for myself, my wife and a friend to run down to Ness Point for the winter and summer solstices.

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"Of course the summer solstice means a much earlier start but it was great to witness it rising just below the clouds."

sun rises winter solstice lowestoft

The moment the sun rose above the sea. - Credit: Richard Girling

winter solstice sunrise lowestoft

The sunrise rises above the clouds. - Credit: Richard Girling

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