Suffolk Coastal MP delighted at new government role

EADT/STARpics sarah lucy brown 6/5/10Conservative candidate Therese Coffey wins her seat in parliam

EADT/STARpics sarah lucy brown 6/5/10Conservative candidate Therese Coffey wins her seat in parliament at the Suffolk Coastal Election count at Martlesham Police HQ, with Lib dems coming in second and Labour third.myphotos24 ref - slb 010 sfk coastal count 61ES 7.5.10EADT 8.5.10EADT 19.5.10ES 17.6.10ES 21.7.10EADT 22.7.10

Suffolk Coastal MP Therese Coffey has been appointed to a leading government role - just days after doubling her majority in her constituency.

An emotional Ms Coffey's majority rose from 9,128 to 18,842 - a 51.6 per cent share of the vote.

It was an exceptional night for the Conservatives as they retained the seat – and polled more votes than five years ago, increasing their share of the vote for the fourth election in a row. The Liberal Democrat vote collapsed as Labour made a strong showing.

Thanking her campaign team, voters and the election staff, Dr Coffey said she was 'overwhelmed' by the result.

She said: 'I'm obviously very please to have been re-elected with an increased share of the vote which was somewhat overwhelming - I was just very humbled by it.'

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Dr Coffey said she would continue to campaign around the key issues in Suffolk Coastal, including better broadband and mobile phone signal in rural areas and coastal erosion.

And on Monday she was named as deputy leader of the House of Commons by prime minister David Cameron in his reshuffle.

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'It's still early days at the moment,' she said. 'It's quite a parliament-focussed role, nevertheless I will still be able to continue to do the constituency roles I need to do.

'It's a role that gives me back a bit of a voice in the House of Commons but I can still campaign for issues in Suffolk Coastal.

During his campaign to be re-elected as Waveney's MP, Conservative Peter Aldous said: 'I do not come from a political bubble.'

And as such Mr Aldous has said he wants to focus his time and energy and representing the 'special constituency' of Waveney - and has said clearly that he is not seeking a ministerial career.

His job as Waveney MP is set to keep him busy - although he believes the Conservatives have 'set down the foundations and basis to bring prosperity back' to Waveney, he added: 'There is still a lot of work left to do.'

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