Talented young performers deserve praise

I FELT I had to write a letter to compliment the previous letters written in the last two weeks Journal about Kirkley High School's musical production of Hairspray.

I FELT I had to write a letter to compliment the previous letters written in the last two weeks Journal about Kirkley High School's musical production of Hairspray. My friends and I spend a lot of time watching amateur and professional productions of shows and musicals around Great Britain. I live in Southwold and London, my friends and I have no associations with the school but after enjoying last year's production of Grease we decided to return. A lot of praise has to go to the dedicated teachers who had given so much of their free time which was obvious when entering the school, the large cut outs of the main cast directing you with important information, the best wishes letter on the wall from Michael Ball, the lights, decorations etc, seating plan so well organised with seat numbers and this must have allowed us lucky approximately 1,200 people to fit into the hall during their five performances, but nothing prepared us for the quality of the musical which was complimented by an excellent live band. The casting was given so much thought and it was portrayed in each scene especially singing 'Mama I'm a Big Girl Now', Tracey (Beth Lewis), Edna (Reece Ayers) both played solid performances and Reece was so very funny with ad lib and actions. Velma (Jemma Anderson) and Amber (Holly Bessey), Penny (Charlotte Trotter) and Prudy (Harriet Crowe) when those six sang in their pairs it was noticeable how good the casting was, they all suited their characters demonstrating all their abilities throughout the musical. Charlotte was such a perfect Penny, so was Link (Dan Walker) and Corney Collins (Chris Challis) both of them playing very convincing characters. The Nicest kids gang and the Company contained such strong talent. We were all watching with laughter and amazement plus pinching ourselves we were watching a school production. You thought as it got near the end of the first half it could not get any better until Motormouth (Chantel Morton) appeared with an excellent clear American accent plus with solid acting and her singing of 'Big Blonde and Beautiful' was fantastic allowing us all to go into the interval thinking wow what a show and wow is exactly how to describe the second half it just got better. But nobody was prepared for the incredible voice of Motormouth, you could hear a pin drop when she sang 'I Know Where I've Been' and the backing vocals of Sophie Bell were fantastic and I think majority of us had thoughts we will be watching Chantel in the West End. We all walked out of that school on a high.

So much is written about disrespectful rude teenagers but these children are a credit to their school and parents. I do wish more of you in Lowestoft could watch this production, maybe Waveney Council could allow the Marina to spare a weekday and allow these talented local children to perform this on a large stage and all proceeds could go to East Coast Child as I am positive they will fill the Marina due to it being a sell-out so early, plus a lot of people like me would have loved to have watched it twice.

What I have since found out is that Kirkley High School is more into sport than performing arts, amazing.

Finally, these children would have given many hours to produce this high standard, maybe the editor could find out a little about this cast as it will be nice to read about good examples of youth of today and it's a shame Ofsted do not watch these productions. Thank you Kirkley High and my friends and I hope to return next year, and as stated, I do not know anyone involved within the school.

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