Teddy bears take flight at popular Pakefield fete

SHOWING no fear, more than 100 courageous teddies created a buzz as they took the plunge for a good cause.

The parachuting bears were part of the fun at the annual Pakefield Church fete on Saturday where they helped to provide a much-needed boost to church funds.

The annual fund-raising event, held on the church grounds between The Causeway and Sunningdale Avenue, attracted a good crowd – but it was the daredevil teddies that stole the show.

The adventurous bears' young owners could hardly look as their beloved cuddly toys were dropped from the top of the church tower. But they need not of worried because, no sooner had they landed, the teddies were being given some tender care from the rapid response team who provided 'first-aid' on the day.

Church warden Sandra Sacks said the day went really well.

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'A total of 121 Pakefield Para Teds – including a couple of Micky Mouse, Minnie Mouse, elephants and other cuddly toys – all parachuted off the cliff-top church tower which, with its sea breezes, brought that extra element of excitement and buzz to the descent. And there was even an on-the-spot commentary to keep their owners advised of their progress,' she said.

Although a couple of teddies did 'end up in the sheep pen' after falling slightly off course, such was the interest in this particular leap of faith, that the teddies' freefall was extended by more than an hour to accommodate everyone.

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There were other games and attractions on offer for all the family, including bottle, bric-a-brac and cake stalls, a raffle, and a bouncy castle.

A show by the Performing Arts Academy was another highlight. 'We raised about �1850 on the day, which, for a couple of hours, was fantastic,' Mrs Sacks said.

'It was a lovely atmosphere, and it was nice to see all the families there together to raise monies for the church fund.'

An open air Pet Service will be held on Sunday, July 17 (3pm) on Pakefield Church Hall field.

A key event is being held on Thursday at Pakefield Parish Church concerning cliff management in the area.

Paul Hobbs, chairman of the Promoting Pakefield Group, said: 'The group is organising a meeting at the church which will involve representatives from Waveney District Council explaining the strategies for the future coastal management in the Pakefield area.'

The meeting starts at 7pm and is open to all.

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