The candidates in this week’s Suffolk County Council by-elections

Conservatives retained their divisions at recent county council elections. Picture: Archant Library.

Conservatives retained their divisions at recent county council elections. Picture: Archant Library. - Credit: Matthew Usher

The public will go to the polls on May 4 to pick who should represent them at Suffolk County Council.

After Brexit and Trump, what will be the next surprise to be delivered by the ballot box? Picture: P

After Brexit and Trump, what will be the next surprise to be delivered by the ballot box? Picture: PA/Rui Vieira. - Credit: PA

Candidates from the Conservatives, Labour, UKIP, Liberal Democrats and Green parties are standing in every ward across the Waveney area.

Counting in Suffolk will take place on the day after the elections instead of overnight.

The Conservatives won 39 of the 75 seats available on the authority in 2013 and are hoping to increase their majority this year after falling into a minority administration after two by-election losses recently.

We have taken a look at the candidates in this year's county council by elections.

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Having asked all parties for a biography of their candidates, unfortunately information about some candidates were not provided and available online.

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Mark BEE (Conservative) - Has been on the Suffolk County Council since 2005 including a four year stint as chairman. Also current chairman of Waveney District Council.

Nasima BEGUM (Labour).

Elfrede BRAMBLEY-CRAWSHAW (Green) - Beccles library trustee, town councillor and chair of Pride in Beccles.

Graham CATCHPOLE (Conservative) - Waveney District Councillor since 2012. Mayor of Beccles and a town councillor for a number of years.

Pat HAWES (UKIP) - Resident of the St Margaret's Ward. Has seven years of experience of being a councillor at Waveney District Council.

Josi HORNE (Green) - Freelance forest school leader and interested in exploring this is as alternative therapy for children and adults. Also training as counsellor in humanistic therapies.

Tarek LAHIN (Labour) - Owner of India Gate restaurant in Beccles. Has keen interest in planning.

Simon MACDOWALL (Liberal Democrat) - Born in the UK but raised in Canada. Left the UK civil service in 2013 and most recent role was advising companies and governments in Europe, the Middle East and Africa on how to improve their communications.

Mike SHAW (UKIP)- Joined UKIP in 2006 never having been, or wished to be a member of any other party. Joined the party in order to assist with leaving the EU.

Caroline WAY (Liberal Democrat) - Parish councillor who helped set up first local farmer markets and organiser for the RBL in Wangford. Involved with several local arts initiatives.


Andrew BOLS (UKIP) - Comes from a military family and spent 25 years with the Foreign and Commonwealth Office travelling the world as a Queen's messenger. Now serves as a local councillor.

Sue COLLINS (Labour) - Bungay town councillor since May 2015. Also vice chair and co-founder of the Bungay neighbourhood development plan steering group and worked with Waveney Foodbank in voluntary capacity.

Pauline MIDWINTER (Green) - Elocution tutor as well as a governor at Brampton and Ringsfield schools and a Barsham and Shipmeadow parish councillor.

Dave O'NEILL (Liberal Democrat) - Retired and lives in Bungay. Tireless campaigner within the district, county and town councils.

David RITCHIE (Conservative) - Elected to Suffolk County Council in 2009. Deputy leader of Waveney District Councillor and members for the Saints ward for over 10 years.


Alice BULL (Green) - Lived and worked in Halesworth for 20 years. Jobs in the region have included stints with Age UK and the social services.

Peter COGHILL (Labour) - Heavily involved with local issues such as campaigning for crossing gates in the town.

Tony GOLDSON (Conservative) - Elected to Suffolk County Council in 2009, cabinet member for health since 2015. Waveney District Council member for the town.

Sarah HUNT (Liberal Democrat).

James SCOTT (UKIP) - Once worked for the military in which included helping refugees during the Kosovo war. Over the last decade has been involved in the catering industry.


Steve ARDLEY (Conservative) - Waveney District Council member since 2001. Twice mayor of Lowestoft.

Emma-Jane BATEMAN (Green) - Works as a foster carer and gardener. Previously worked as a supported lodgings host for teenagers leaving care.

Rupert BUTLIN (Green) - Lived in Lowestoft for 18 years and is determined to fight cuts that threaten public services and vulnerable people.

Janet CRAIG (Labour) - Elected onto Suffolk County Council in 2013.

Bernie GUYMER (UKIP) - Former police constable with Suffolk Police where he was responsible for the North Lowestoft Safer Neighbourhood scheme.

Jenny HINTON (UKIP)- Is a LEA governor at two primary schools and is a member of the schools' appeals panel for Suffolk County Council.

Keith PATIENCE (Labour) - Elected onto Suffolk County Council in 2013.

Mary RUDD (Conservative) - Member of Waveney District Council since 2002. Past Suffolk County Councillor and current deputy mayor of Lowestoft.

Steven TAYLOR (Liberal Democrat) - NHS Locum who works at a local hospital and has keen interest in politics.


David BEAVAN (Liberal Democrat) - Moved to Waveney thirty years ago when he was selected to fight for the Social Demographic Party and has also worked in education and environmental science.

Jean Valerie DIFFORD (UKIP) - Lived in the area for 45 years. After taking early retirement became a live-in carer and is also on Kessingland parish council.

Michael LADD (Conservative) -Former Mayor of Southwold and long standing member of Southwold Town Council. A member of Waveney District Council and cabinet member for tourism and economic development.

Callum ROLLO (Green) - Earth sciences student embarking on PHD in oceanography at the UEA this year. Also volunteers with community managed woodlands, permaculture farming and repair cafes.

Paul TYACK (Labour) - Local parish councillor.


Desmond BALDRY (Independent) - Runs Desmond's coffee shop in Lowestoft. Also standing for Lowestoft town council elections.

Jenny CERESA (Conservative) - Elected to Waveney District Council in 2015 for Carlton Colville ward. Involved in a number of local organisations in Kirkley.

Peter COLLECOTT (UKIP) - Past chairman of Waveney District Council.

David FINNIGAN (Labour) - Chairman of the Waveney CLP.

Tess GANDY (Labour) - Waveney District Councillor and has been the council represenative on the Citizen Advice Bureau and Sentinel's board of directors.

Steve HARVEY (UKIP) - Local businessman who owned a retail outlet in Kirkley and still works and lives in the local area.

Peter LANG (Green) - Lived in Lowestoft for 34 years and has recently held customer service role with the local authority. On the committee for the Lowestoft BMX and Gorleston football club.

Darius McCARTHY (Liberal Democrat) - Lives and works within the south Lowestoft area. He is passionate about communities, local businesses and getting young people involved in community projects.

Mark MORAN (Green) - Retired civil servant who has worked in Lowestoft for ten years. Keen to see the town become home to offshore sustainable industries.

Bill MOUNTFORD (Independent)- County councillor for the past eight years. Recently left UKIP to stand as independent.

Jamie STARLING (Conservative) - Past member of Waveney District Council elected in by Election in 2004 for Kessingland. Sat on scrutiny and chaired audit committee.

Sandra TONGE (Liberal Democrat) - Lived in South Lowestoft for over 30 years and known for her horticultural and environmental knowledge.


Peter EYRES (Green) - Came to Lowestoft to develop cycling facilities and has lived there for 30 years. Active member of Lowestoft Community Church.

Patrick GILLARD (Liberal Democrat) - Before teaching worked in publishing writing dictionaries. He wants to makes make sure that people outside Suffolk recognise all it has to offer.

George HAWES (UKIP) - Chairman of UKIP Waveney branch. Experienced Councillor with 10 years on Oulton Parish Council and 6 years as district councillor.

Len JACKLIN (Labour) - Current Suffolk County Councillor on the audit and scrutiny committee's and the Suffolk Police and Crime panel.

Sally PHILLIPS (Green) - Teacher for 30 years and a former national trustee of the RSPCA. Was an active committee member of the RSPCA and local art groups.

Bert POOLE (UKIP) - Member of Suffolk County Council after he was elected in 2013.

James REEDER (Conservative) - Long time member of the chamber of commerce in Lowestoft. Has campaigned for the third crossing and improvements to level crossing at Oulton Broad.

Keith ROBINSON (Conservative) - Recently retired from the transport industry. Keen interest in local and national politics.

Chris THOMAS (Liberal Democrat) - Retired school teacher. Is standing to help children with special needs especially those with mental health issues.

Lynne WARD (Labour) - Oulton Parish Council clerk.


Sonia BARKER (Labour) - Waveney District councillor, Suffolk County Councillor and leader of Waveney Labour Group.

Peter BYATT (Labour) - Suffolk County Councillor who is also part of Community Rail Norfolk and the Eastern Inshore Fisheries Conservation authority.

Rachel FAWKES (Green) - Lived in Oulton Broad for 27 years. Works in the care profession with people with learning difficulties and mental health problems.

Robin HINTON (UKIP) - Lived in Waveney for 36 years. Served as a parent governor for 8 years and chaired the Standards and Behaviour Committee at Kirkley High School.

Christian NEWSOME (Liberal Democrats) - Interested in standing to promote the area, Pakefield, in which he lives and works. Also supports the trade union movement.

Ben QUAIL (Green) - Qualified arts designer who designs and maintains gardens. Also facilitates community art.

Craig RIVETT (Conservative) - Elected to Waveney District Council last year by election. Sits on the scrutiny committee.

Adam ROBERTSON (Liberal Democrat)- Former Kirkley High School pupil. Has been very active within Carlton Colville campaigning to ease the school congestion.

Phillip TRINDALL (UKIP) - Born and raised in Waveney. Trained as a carpenter/joiner and ran his own successful business for over 35 years.

Melanie VIGO DI GALLIDORO (Conservative) - Past member of Waveney District Council sitting on numerous committees.

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