Tips from Latitude veterans

Simon ParkinTents, duvets, wet wipes, energy bars and kids ear defenders - what you need to plan from people who been there and done that.Simon Parkin

t Freddy - 'Always buy a tent that stands out, because last year we thought we'd be the only person with a Union Jack tent, and there were loads. The amount of times we opened the wrong tent!'

t Starchild33 - 'Go halves on a cheap duvet and pillows with the person you're sharing a tent with, they make all the difference.'

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t Trebormint - 'Keep you valuables on you at all times and don't bring anything more expensive than a mobile phone. Take a change of shoes and socks.'

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t Terry B - 'Apart from clothes, make sure you take two things with you - wet wipes and a roll of black bags.'

t Marcia Gray - 'Forget about going back to work on Monday or Tuesday, it ain't going to happen.'

t Russy - 'Advice is to travel as light as possible and only take enough booze to last the late evenings/early mornings. Take lots of light energy bars and empty bottles to fill up with water. Don't forget toothpaste.'

t Elmo - 'We took our all terrain pushchair, and it was very useful for your child to sleep in. Take insect repellent, there are mossies.'

t Geofelgie - 'Forget the showers. Big supply of wet-wipes, leave a bottle of water out in the (no doubt baking) sun to wash your hair, sorted.'

t mmmbop - 'I would recommend some ear defenders for children, we got some called Peltor Kids for our then two-year-old son, for about �20. They were also great for the evening when he had zonked out in his pushchair, we could carry on partying in the woods until 3am!'

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