Tonnes of effort to improve the beach in Lowestoft

Waveney District Council will do essential works next week to improve beach quality in time for the summer season.

While most of the south Lowestoft frontage has a wide, healthy beach, levels over the northern part of the beach opposite Royal Green are low after a recent bout of strong onshore winds, say officials.

So, from Monday to Friday, the council will repeat the early-summer beach recycling works it has done in recent years.

The work will involve moving sand and shingle from just above the high water mark south of Claremont Pier to a spot against the sea wall over the Royal Green frontage.

In total, some 6,000 to 8,000 tonnes of beach material will be transported using dumpers loaded by excavators.

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The beach will remain partially open during the works, with localised signs and safety barriers in place. The works are restricted by the tide, so finishing times will get later as the week progresses.

Waveney is asking beach users to heed the signs and barriers and avoid areas where machines are working.

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A spokesman said: 'The recent scour has once again exposed a number of old and derelict groynes that are normally buried, as well as the wreck of the Lilly of Devon fishing vessel which ran aground in the early-20th century.

'Erosion has also undermined one of three half-circle ramps that provide access from promenade to beach, and this has been closed as a precaution.'

Waveney says it is planning to invest in improvements to this section of sea wall and beach towards the end of the year and early in 2012 to address the problems.

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