Woman left with whiplash as sinkhole opens up under van

sinkhole corton

The sinkhole appeared in Corton three weeks ago. - Credit: Gemma Biggs

A delivery driver has told of her shock after suffering whiplash when a sinkhole opened up under her van.

Gemma Biggs, 37, from Little Melton, Norfolk, had only been working as a delivery driver for one week with JamPacked, a Norfolk and Suffolk based firm which is a service provider for delivery company, DPD.

Miss Biggs was pulling out of Tingdene Waterside Park and Hotel in Corton, Suffolk, when she drove across a section of road on The Street.

The next moment, the road opened up under Miss Biggs and the front section of the van fell into the sinkhole.


The sinkhole opened up as Gemma Biggs, 37, drove over it in her delivery van. - Credit: Gemma Biggs

She said: "At first it felt like I had driven over a drain cover.

"The next moment I realised the front half of the van had sunk into the road and then I realised the sinkhole had opened up under the van.

"I managed to get the van out myself and then Anglian Water arrived to close the road.

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"I was stranded in Corton for four hours."

gemma biggs sinkhole

Gemma Biggs took some photos of the sinkhole once she had escaped from her van. - Credit: Gemma Biggs

Miss Biggs is off work following the incident.

"I have whiplash as a result of the incident, I can't lift anything, I can't work and I can't brush my hair - it is awful," she said.

"I'm now waiting for a doctor's appointment but friends of mine have said I will be out of action for weeks because of this."

gemma biggs whiplash

Gemma Biggs will be off work for months because of the whiplash. - Credit: Gemma Biggs

Anglian Water confirmed that a sinkhole opened up as Miss Biggs drove across the road.

A spokesperson added: “We are continuing our work in Corton where a void opened up in the road, we are currently creating a new access entrance for the local holiday park due to the location of the work we are undertaking closing off their main entrance. 

"We are also continuing to liaise with local residents and businesses to keep them updated on our progress.

“We expect to start work to remove the road area surrounding the void towards the end of the week once the access entrance work has been completed. 

"Once we start the removal of the road our teams will be able to start on the repair of the damaged pipe. 

"We are working as quickly and safely as possible to complete this work and would like to thank everyone for their patience during this time.”