Train enthusiast builds miniature railway track in his garden in Lowestoft

Sean Hunter has created a moving garden so he can run his train.

Sean Hunter has created a moving garden so he can run his train. - Credit: Nick Butcher

It is, to say the least, an unusual source of marital strife.

Pictures: Nick Butcher

Pictures: Nick Butcher - Credit: Nick Butcher

But when Sean Hunter built a vast 100ft train set running around his vast Lowestoft garden he found himself clashing with his wife, Joan, concerned that she had not been left enough room for her fruit and vegetable plants.

Things are now back on track, however, after Mr Hunt devised an ingenious solution.

The 66-year-old has created a 'retractable' flower bed which he can move back and forth, to allow his train to pass.

The Heath Robinson-esque device - built from an old bed and two scaffold poles - allows him to move the plants to the side of the garden when the train is running, while bringing them back out - into the prime sunshine spot - when the engine is away in its shed.

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Mr Hunter, from Elm Road, has spent about two years creating his train set. He described how his wife felt 'quite angry' that her beloved mini orchard - consisting of a number of pear, apple and cherry trees - was causing an obstruction on the railway line.

His solution means that when he reaches the plants, he simply dismounts, moves the plants off the track, and continues on his way.

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Two twelve volt batteries are used to power the green engine, which was bought on eBay and weighs around 14 stone.

'When I come to the bottleneck I can't get through because the garden was growing in the way,' said Mr Hunter, who refurbished pubs and designed glass beads until retiring.

'I either had to move the track or move the garden. I won the argument so I moved the garden.

'Once the train goes through, I bring the garden back, which is then in full sun and is why we have some lovely apples.'

The movable platform also allows Mr Hunter to mow the lawn and move the dustbins and log piles- although a few minor mishaps have been known to occur- with the beloved fruit plants in danger of falling green bins.

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