Twins cause double take at Blundeston school

IT is not so much a case of seeing double, but seeing triple for staff at Blundeston Primary school.

With three sets of twins in the reception class, it has made history at the school which is nearly 300 years old.

Identical twins Oliver and Charlie Everett, from Oulton, Jodie and Jessica Utting, from Gunton, and Ka'Cey and Jaiden Flaxman-Cone from Blundeston, who are all four years old, joined the school in September.

Headteacher Kate Schonhut said: 'When we found out we thought it was amazing. It is very unusual and they all went to the same pre-school together too. It's the first time it has happened in the history of the school.

The said school currently had 124 pupils, 27 of whom are in the reception class.

She added: 'We've got a set of twins further up the school but to have three pairs in one class is very unusual. I have been in teaching for 30 years and I've never seen this before. It's obvious they are identical so it helps if they have got different pairs of shoes on. It's not easy to tell them apart. The twins like to be very individual and like people to know who's who. The class teacher goes to great lengths to make sure people don't say 'the twins'.'

Reception teacher Clair Thompson, who has taught at the school for eight years, said: 'It's lovely. It's very rewarding because all three sets are so caring of each other and they set the scene for the rest of the class. They are all happy, supportive children. I can only tell them apart when I'm close to them. When they are further away from me I will join their names together and point. I also do it with other children so they don't feel any different. 'All three sets of children are calm and the other children take it all in their stride.'