Couple's yard sale boosts Red Cross Ukraine appeal

Red Cross Ukraine appeal

Paul and Janet Wilkin, on the right behind table, serving two supporters. - Credit: Mick Howes

A Lowestoft couple have rallied round to raise funds amid the ongoing Ukrainian crisis.

Having been so moved by the news footage from Ukraine, Paul and Janet Wilkin decided they needed to do something to aid the refugees.

So the couple, from Carlton Colville, held a fundraising yard sale on Saturday as they showed their support.

After feeling helpless by what they had seen on the news, Mr Wilkin said: “We moved here from Stansted when we retired a couple of years ago and we had a load of DVDs that we no longer needed.

"So we thought we would do some good with them and sell them.

"Janet also loves baking cakes, so we combined the two and set up a sales table in front of our house and we have been well supported by neighbours and our Quaker friends.

“We decided to raise funds for the Red Cross because they are doing a lot of good and have a lot of experience dealing with conflict and war situations - and we know what we give will be used well."