'Stay safe on the coast': Plea to keep away from vulnerable cliffs

eroding cliffs protection Pakefield Lowestoft

People are being urged to take care if visiting the beach at Pakefield after high tides left spaces behind the concrete slabs protecting the cliff. - Credit: Coastal Partnership East Facebook

People are being urged to take care and keep away from vulnerable cliffs when visiting a popular beach.

The warning comes after recent high tides at Pakefield in Lowestoft have "left spaces behind the concrete slabs protecting the cliff."

Coastal Partnership East – which brings together the coastal management resources and expertise from North Norfolk District Council, Great Yarmouth Borough Council and East Suffolk Council - issued advice after the recent high tides.

New defences were installed to slow erosion and help support the vulnerable cliffs at Pakefield in September, as temporary protection works took place to the base of the eroding cliffs.

It saw some pieces of the concrete wall that had "fallen some time ago" below the former Second World War Rifle Range moved and re-used as it was placed at the base of the cliff south of Arbor Lane.

But this week, after high tides had left spaces behind the concrete slabs, a spokesman said: "Do not walk behind the slabs and please keep away from the cliffs.

"You shouldn't stand less than the height of the cliff away.

"Stay safe on the coast - in an emergency call 999 and ask for the coastguard."

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