WATCH: Dashcam footage shows moment motorbike overtakes at speed

Dashcam footage showed a motorcyclist 'speed' past a driver in Lowestoft. Picture: Frank Gray

Dashcam footage showed a motorcyclist 'speed' past a driver in Lowestoft. Picture: Frank Gray - Credit: Archant

This is the moment a motorbike races past a motorist on the wrong side of the road, seemingly well over the speed limit.

The footage, captured by Frank Gray, shows a motorcyclist overtake his car at speed on the A1145 near Carlton Colville.

The bike is not only on the wrong side of the road as it overtakes both Mr Gray's car and the one in front, it also blasts through a pedestrian crossing.

The footage from the dashcam shows Mr Gray travelling under the 40mph speed limit at around 38mph, meaning the motorbike appears to be travelling significantly over the limit.

Mr Gray, who is from Lowestoft, said: 'The person in this footage went through the pedestrian crossing at the ridiculous speed and on the wrong side of the road which, going by the road markings is a no overtaking section of road anyway.

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'To then continue to drive on the wrong side until he passed the car in front that was several hundred metres further up the road was just mind boggling.'

He added: 'I was actually once caught unintentionally speeding on the Lowestoft to Yarmouth dual carriageway when I was slowing from 60 to 40 approaching the JPH roundabout and didn't quite get down to 40 before the sign.

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'I was clocked at 44mph, I had to do a speed awareness course which really opened my eyes, needless to say I stick to the posted speed limits now and engage the speed limiter on my car all the time.'

A Suffolk Constabulary spokesperson said: 'Speeding is one of the 'fatal four' offences which makes you more likely to be killed or seriously injured in a collision - alongside drink driving, driving whilst using a mobile phone and not wearing a seatbelt.'

They added: 'If you capture any driving offences on your dash cam, we would encourage you to submit the footage by uploading it on our website. With this support from the public, we can continue to take action against those that put other road users at risk.

'Motorists should remember that speed limits are in place for a reason and the limit is set at the maximum safe speed to travel on a particular stretch of road.'

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