Waveney MP says pay rise is ‘not appropriate’ - and that he will give the money to charity

Waveney MP Peter Aldous.

Waveney MP Peter Aldous. - Credit: Nick Butcher

Waveney's MP has said it would be 'not appropriate' for him to take a proposed 10 per cent pay hike for parliamentarians - and has said he would give any extra money to charity.

MPs currently received about £67,000 but it proposed to raise that to £74,000.

However Peter Aldous, who was re-elected to represent Waveney in this year's general election, said: 'While the deficit reduction is taking place and there are restrictions on public sector pay, then as someone ultimately working in the public sector, I would not be taking an increase and I would be making contributions to local causes and local charities.

'That is something that I will be doing. I think it is quite right that IPSA, which is an independent body, has looked completely at the full package of remuneration, including changing their pension arrangements and the expenses system before 2010, which really was greatly abused and have come forward with these measures.'

The government has officially registered its opposition to the 10 per cent pay hike for MPs amid growing pressure on prime minister David Cameron to block the increase.

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A letter sent by Downing Street to the Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority (IPSA) insisted the proposal for a salary bump to £74,000 is 'not appropriate'.

The row over the pay deal was triggered after IPSA launched a final review of the plans, declaring it could see no 'material' reason to change them.

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Unless a consultation produces 'new and compelling evidence' by the end of the month, the move will be confirmed, with the rise backdated to May 8.

Mr Cameron previously described the £74,000 proposed pay packet, which comes at a time when the rest of the public sector is restricted to a one per cent rise, as 'unacceptable'.

But No. 10 HAD indicated it would not seek to block the increase and refused to answer questions about whether the PM would give the money to charity.

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