Wintry snap heading to Norfolk bringing a chance of snow

File photos of snow showers in the city centre. Picture: DENISE BRADLEY

Parts of the region could be hit with wintry snows early next week. - Credit: Copyright: Archant 2017

Despite the mini heatwave, it may be time to trade your shorts for your big coat as a cold snap hits the region.

Even though we will be heading towards spring there is a chance of wintry showers across Norfolk as cold air blows in from the North on Sunday night bringing a sharp frost to the bank holiday.

As we head into Monday, the 24C we saw on Wednesday will be a distant memory, with sleet, snow and rain predicted.

Forecasters at the Norwich-based Weatherquest said while there isn't likely to be widespread snow, there is the chance of sleet and snow flurries in most places, though not everywhere will see one.

The coast will feel milder than the 5C or 6C temperatures being forecasted, and there will be sunshine in between the possible snowy snaps.

Those wintry conditions are expected to continue into Tuesday, though it is expected to warm up slightly towards the end of the week.

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