Whodunnit for Blundeston pupils at Lowestoft Sixth Form College science fun day

Collecting evidence

A violent attack on a teacher, and a victim with no memory.

Comparing fibres

This was the scene Blundeston Primary School pupils faced at Lowestoft Sixth Form College last week - all mocked up by the college's science department.

The Year 5 and 6 pupils spent a day gathering evidence, DNA samples and fingerprints to analyse in the lab before naming their suspect.

Year 5 detective for the day Isabella Riley said: 'It was great because we got to take evidence from the crime scene and it was a once in a lifetime opportunity to go and investigate!'

Another budding sleuth, Year 6 pupil Hayden Bishop, said: 'I found it really fun because I like solving problems - it was so exciting!'

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Although it was designed as a fun day, there was a serious message behind it and all the pupils got an insight into what it would be like to have a career in forensics.

Teacher Kim Gowen took part in the visit and said: 'It was a fantastic day for the children and they were able to gain an insight into further education and possible future careers.

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'Miss Murkett, who organised the trip, and I were both very proud of all the pupils. They were a credit to the school and displayed some super science skills.'

The children narrowed the suspects down to Georgia, Abby and Marcus, but DNA evidence proved to be the final piece in the puzzle and they suggested police arrest Georgia before any more teachers were injured.

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