Woman robbed of handbag in Lowestoft

A 64-year-old woman was robbed of her handbag on the footpath next to Lowestoft's Barnards Meadow at about 1.10pm on Monday.

The woman had been to Normanston Park with her young granddaughter and was walking along the footpath/ cycle path, about 40ft from the alleyway that leads into Fieldview Avenue, when she felt pulling on her arm.

She looked and saw a male standing next to her granddaughter and the women was then pulled by a second male.

After a brief attempt to hold onto her black leather bag, containing cash and cards, the two males snatched it from her and ran off.

The 64-year-old sustained slight pain to her arm.

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The offenders were in their mid teens to early 20s with short shaved brown hair. The first robber was 5ft 6in and of small build, while the other was 5ft 2in with smaller build than the first male and was wearing a light grey fleece top.

•Anyone with information should call DC 703 Quantrill at Lowestoft police station on 101.

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