Worzel gets ready for Strutt Your Mutt fundraiser

Worzel with his owner Cath Pickles. Picture: Nick Butcher.

Worzel with his owner Cath Pickles. Picture: Nick Butcher. - Credit: Nick Butcher

Next weekend I are going to be at Strut Your Mutt wot is happening on Sunday, June 11, at Wood Farm Barn in Benacre. It's all very fanks to the peoples at Wangford Vets who do horganising this fing.

Worzel Wooface column. Picture by Chantal Bourgonje.

Worzel Wooface column. Picture by Chantal Bourgonje. - Credit: Archant

Mum says we will be having a stand with my books and also doing some fundraising for Hounds First and it will be very super. I fink she is missing the actual point to be very quite honest and there should be less talk about the gaz-ee-bow and more talk about the Strutt-ing. And Mutt-ing.

I are very living with the hole Mutt fing. Mum says it's a word that means dogs. And it does rhyme with Strutt. And cos I are a writer wot sometimes has a go at poem-doing, I can quite very hunderstand this fing. Nuffink rhymes with Worzel. Believe me, I has tried. And tried.

But. But-with-knobs-on-BUT...I aren't Strutting. Worzel Wooface, is NOT a Mutt wot Strutts. I can do wiggling and waggy tail greetings and I are fabumazing at running and leapering about. I can heven do sit when there is cheese on offer but I. Are. Not. Strutting.

Strutt-ing sounds quite very far too much like dancing as far as I is concerned. I does know that there is some dogs wot like to dance but they probababbly have a betterer dance partner than the Mum I has binned landed with. She is hawful and she does far too very much arm flappering for it to ever work out well. So I will be havoiding this Strutt fing at all very costs.

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Dad says I've got it all very wrong. It's the hoomans wot have to Strutt and the dogs just have to show up and be an haccessory wot the hoomans will take for a walk. And there will be games and compertishons for dogs and all very sorts of fings to do... and he's not going. He's says he will be hiding down on the boat until all very danger of Mum doing Strutting is very quite actual over.

For more information about Stutt Your Mutt which this year is raising money for Hearing Dogs for Deaf People, visit: www.struttyourmutt.co.uk

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