Fishing business will stay in the family as Alex, 16, set to join

alex wightman fishing lowestoft

Alex Wightman is set to join his father and grandfather out on the waters. - Credit: Steve Wightman

A young man is set to carry on the family business by joining his dad and grandad's long standing fishing business.

Wightman Fishing Company in Lowestoft is owned by fisherman Steve Wightman, 51 and his father, 85, who has been working his entire life as a fisherman.

Mr Wightman is excited that his youngest son Alex, 16, will be joining once he leaves school and will potentially undertake the new fishing apprenticeship which is currently being approved at East Coast College.

alex fishing lowestoft

Alex working on his boat which has been named Boy Alexander. - Credit: Steve Wightman

Steve Wightman said: "I've got two other sons who are 19 and 20 who have already joined the business and I have just bought another boat for Alex when he starts.

"Alex has always wanted to be a fisherman, it runs in the family blood.

"My own father has worked as a fisherman since he left school and he is now 85."

alex fisherman lowestoft

Alex will undergo training on the job through a fishing apprenticeship. - Credit: Steve Wightman

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Mr Wightman said that Alex plans to enrol on the new fishing apprenticeship which is currently going through approval at East Coast College.

The dad said: "Lowestoft has such a long standing history with the fishing industry and it used to be a huge training centre and town for young people who wanted to enter the fishing industry.

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"My other sons had to go all the way up to Whitby to receive their fishing training so it will be very useful having the college as a training centre for Alex.

"Alex will spend three to four weeks in the classroom and then three to four weeks out on the boats to give him that practical experience."

alex fisherman lowestoft

Alex would leave school right now if he had the choice. - Credit: Steve Wightman

Alex currently attends Alde Valley Academy in Leiston and is set to leave school this year with his GCSEs.

But Mr Wightman joked that if Alex had his own way he would leave school straightaway.

alex fisherman lowestoft

Alex's boat out on the water. - Credit: Steve Wightman

"Traditionally the fishing industry and the youngsters who enter it have had families who have worked out on the boats for generations," Mr Wightman said.

He added: "Increasingly I think more and more young people who don't have families that work in the industry are becoming interested though.

"I hope there is a push for more young people to enter the fishing industry because it is such a varied career choice."

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