After the strong gusty mainly northerly winds last week, there was a complete change for the Waveney & Oulton Broad Yacht Club racing on Sunday, with almost no wind.

Racing was more a case of sitting very still and hoping, rather than being active and energetic.

The Fast Handicap dinghies all decided they didn’t want to drift around the Broad, leaving three Optimists in the dinghy fleets to show the way from the start. A port tack start from Isaac Thomas wasn’t quite enough to beat William Keys-Batson, who went on to win the drift around the shortened course, although it was good enough to cross ahead of Jack Reeve.

In the Squibs, Croc (Chris and Gill Jordan) tried to squeeze the other boats out from the starboard end of the line but ended up paused for just too long, allowing Flame (Richard Smith and Graham Reeve) through.

Both boats shared the lead, as Firebird (Simon Marfleet and Stef Oosthuysen) sailed ahead of Secret Waters (Jason Thomas and Charlie Clarke) who was keeping up well with the front of the fleet, in the light winds.

Firebird performed a neat gybe with the spinnaker up and slipped through to windward of Flame into second place.

The final run had some spinnakers up but not filling, allowing Flame - without a spinnaker - to pick up from third place to a mere 2ft off the lead, by the finish.

The final run was a complete drifter, without a ripple anywhere on the water – so all the boats headed for the shore, paddling, and an early pack up.


1st Squibs

1 Croc Chris and Gill Jordan

2 Flame Richard Smith and Graham Reeve

3 Firebird Simon Marfleet and Stef Oosthuysen

1st Slow Handicap

1 Lollypopz William Keys-Batson

2 Pikachu Isaac Thomas

3 Snoopy Jack Reeve