Cameron boxes clever to win tough bout

Lowestoft ABC boxers fought on a Sudbury show recently.

Lowestoft ABC boxers fought on a Sudbury show recently. - Credit: Archant

Lowestoft ABC got their 2014 season under way when three of their youngsters were selected for a squad of 10 boxers representing Suffolk against a team from East Anglia All Comers.

The bouts took place as part of a packed Sudbury ABC show.

Unfortunately for Reese Wade a late withdrawal of his opponent meant he had to be an observer of the night's action.

Cameron Wade (54:5kg) was the first Lowestoft boxer into the ring to represent Suffolk.

In the opposite corner from Essex University was Alfie Lucas (55:6kg) who brought with him a recent run of stopping his last three opponents.

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With the opening bell still ringing in the ears Lucas sprang from his corner to apply some early pressure on Wade. It was easy to see how the Essex University lad was stopping opponents as he put in some heavy handed shots with speed and accuracy on Wade who had to cover up and absorb this early onslaught.

Wade didn't stand and take this sort of attack for too long.

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With some excellent footwork and defensive skill he began to evade the relentless Lucas' punches and countered with his own, letting his opponent know that he too was up for the fight.

It was Wade's clever counter punching and more accurate cleaner landing shots that proved to be the edge which just about tipped the first round in his favour.

The second round started the same way as the first with Lucas applying early pressure with the referee giving Wade what seemed an undeserved standing eight count.

Wade soon got into his stride and began to press his opponent on to the back foot, cancelling out the early count with some accurate back hand power punching of his own.

It was clear by now that both boys would have to give it all in the ring in the third and final round to guarantee the win and they didn't disappoint the crowd who were fired up and ready to see who would be the victor of this hard fought battle.

This last round started the same as the previous two with Lucas throwing himself into battle with relentless aggression.

Wade blocked, parried and slipped his punches with skill; he began to counter-punch hard and Lucas slowed and soon succumbed to Wade's heavy handed back hands which snapped back the head of his opponent with regularity.

Both boxers had given their all to make this encounter a great spectacle for the appreciative onlookers.

There could only be one winner and that would see Lowestoft ABC Suffolk boxer Wade's hand lifted for a well-deserved majority decision victory.

Lee Casey (54:4kg) was next up to represent Lowestoft as part of the Suffolk squad, his opponent being Josh Purkis (55.5 kg) from the Chadwell St Mary club.

Casey is a very slick fast punching boxer so his opponent would have to be on his game defensively.

There wasn't much between the two boxers in the opening two minutes as both lads attempted to work off the jab, probing for an opening in their opponent's defence without much success.

The second round was fought at closer range with hooks to the head and body and uppercuts being exchanged at a frantic pace.

With the first two rounds very close someone would have to do something special to win this encounter and the final two minutes saw both lads apply equal amounts of pressure, skill and determination.

They used every part of the ring to try and break down this stale mate.

It became clear nothing was going to give between these very well matched skilful boxers so at the final bell it was left to the judges to pick a winner and that saw the hand of Josh Purkis raised by majority decision.

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