Big boat fans greeted to entertaining spectacle on broads

Powerboating action on Oulton Broad

Powerboating action on Oulton Broad. - Credit: Fred Emeny  

What must have been one of the most confusing evenings of the 2022 Lowestoft and Oulton Broad Motorboat Club (LOBMBC) season's was delayed due to the very late arrival of the ambulance which must be on station before racing commences.

The high tide, combined with windy conditions saw the choppy water lapping over the apron of the spectator area, necessitating the Wherry Buoy having to be moved closer to the clubhouse and swans had to be ushered off the course before racing could start.

Powerboating racing on Oulton Broad

Powerboating racing on Oulton Broad. - Credit: John Soanes

As the heats eventually commenced, the shortened course proved frustrating for the higher speed boats and the Junior GT15 class who use a smaller version, so when conditions allowed the full circuit was reinstated, another delay, only to see the OSY400 racing stopped by two boats broken down at the Wherry Buoy.

The evening's proceedings continued as long as weather allowed and the light was suitable.

On a positive note, the reappearance of the Formula 2 Catamaran of Leon Wigg, which had been believed to have been sold, brought smiles to the faces of the 'big boat' fans on the park.

Boats arriving early for the weekend event took the opportunity to familiarise themselves with the course and yet another potential driver for the future, Richard Hibbert, added to the numbers racing in the club's GT30 training boat, competing against his brother.

The club thanks all those who paid at the gates, became members, all the hard working volunteers who enabled the event to take place and of course the drivers and their teams.