Council reminds people of environmental impact of Bonfire Night

bonfire night

Fireworks displays are enjoyed by many on Bonfire Night. - Credit: Archant

East Suffolk Council are reminding people about the environmental impact of Bonfire Night.

The council are reminding people of the importance to look out for their neighbours and pets, the environment and the local wildlife if planning their own celebrations at home for Bonfire Night this year. 

james mallinder

East Suffolk Council's cabinet member for the environment James Mallinder. - Credit: East Suffolk Council

Cllr James Mallinder, East Suffolk Council’s cabinet member for the Environment, said: “Private events can be risky for the obvious reasons, but they can also cause other problems. Bonfires create air quality issues, particularly if there are far more than usual or if inappropriate materials are burned. 

“I also want to ask people to be extra mindful of local wildlife when lighting their bonfires. Hedgehogs in particular like to reside inside the stacks of materials bonfires are built from, so please make sure you check for any wildlife, or even pets. The best way of doing this is by moving the whole bonfire by hand immediately before lighting it.  

“Another area of concern is fireworks, which can cause great distress and harm to pets, farm animals and wildlife. They can also create air quality issues and come in packaging which can lead to unnecessary litter."

Guidance on reducing air pollution, including domestic burning, is available at  

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