Chicken restaurant reveals first winner of new 'wing sting' challenge

Manager of Jus' Winging It Joe Pybus (right) with the first winner of the 'Wing Sting' challenge Damien

Owner of Jus' Winging It Joe Pybus (right) with the first winner of the 'Wing Sting' challenge Damien - Credit: Joe Pybus

A popular chicken restaurant which claims to offer some of the hottest wings for miles has announced the first winner of a devilish new spice challenge.

Jus' Winging It, based at Claremont Pier in Lowestoft has launched its 'Wing Sting Challenge' which requires participants to eat six spicy wings within six minutes and then go without any water for another six minutes.

Owner Joe Pybus, 28, who lives in Lowestoft, said he was "astounded" that someone managed to complete the eye-watering challenge - particularly on launch day.

He said: "I couldn't believe it. These are six Carolina Reapers and the world's hottest sauce.

New restaurant, Jus Wingin It on Lowestoft Claremont Pier. Owner Joe, Pybus. Pictures: Brittany Wood

Joe Pybus, owner of Jus' Winging It - Credit: Archant

"I don't know how it's possible it but I'm not sure he's feeling too well today - fair play to him."

The Carolina Reaper is the hottest pepper in the world, measuring more than two million scoville heat units. Red chillies commonly sold in supermarkets can hit anywhere between 500 and 10,000 scovilles.

By completing the challenge, which costs £15, hungry customer Damien received a full refund, his face on the wing sting wall and a free commemorative shirt.

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Mr Pybus has also recently introduced a parent burger called the 'Big Mumma' which consists of two beef burger patties, pastrami, mozzarella sticks, cheese, crispy fried onions and a smothering of maple BBQ sauce.

And Mr Pybus has no plans to slow down his new inventions.

The Big Mumma burger

The Big Mumma burger - Credit: Joe Pybus

He added: "We only launched them yesterday but people have already said how much they love them.

"At the moment it's about keeping it as simple as possible so the kitchen can keep up with demand.

"After the summer when it's a bit quieter I'll start to be even more creative and add a lot more options to the menu - I have such big plans."

Jus' Winging It opened its doors for the first time on Wednesday, May 18, and has been met by an "amazing response" from the town.

Chicken wings at Jus' Winging It at the Claremont Pier

Chicken wings at Jus' Winging It at the Claremont Pier - Credit: Joe Pybus

Mr Pybus said he had no prior experience of running a restaurant having previously worked as a fitness instructor at a gym and a DJ.

But he decided to follow his passion for cooking after regularly receiving rave reviews of the chicken wings he made as a treat for friends and family.

Jus' Winging It is open Wednesdays until Sundays from 12-8pm.