Denes High School, Lowestoft, will rock you

PUBLISHED: 09:04 25 March 2011

A scene from We Will Rock You at Denes High School, Lowestoft.

A scene from We Will Rock You at Denes High School, Lowestoft.



We Will Rock You

Denes High School

With We Will Rock You, the Denes High School maintained its reputation for excellence within musical productions; not only are they consistently successful, they are student-led creatively and administratively.

School spirit was high in each performance as fellow students, staff and alumni flocked to either assist with the performance or show their support. The show was produced by drama teacher Laura Simons, directed by Katie Walker and choreographed by Dayna Williams, the latter two being members of the Lowestoft Sixth Form Consortium. The production team and their cast demonstrated that Queen are neither dated nor forgotten: the show was a huge triumph not only pleasing an older audience but also with a younger niche audience.

Harry Warne’s portrayal of Galileo was amazing both vocally and characteristically; his transition from teenager to rock heartthrob is almost a coming of age story. The part of Scaramouche was dual cast and both Abigail Perry and Shauna Barton brought different sides of the character to life: both actresses inevitably earned the kiss from heartthrob Galileo

Sadly, there were only three performances. However, as they say, all good things must come to an end; We Will Rock You certainly fits into the category of something good. Well done to all involved. It was a real triumph.

Jamie Hewett

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