Four Lowestoft councillors have each contributed funding towards the maintenance of grounds equipment at Kirkley and Pakefield Football Club.

The long-established grassroots club has more than 550 players on 25 youth teams and six adult teams, supported by volunteer coaches, managers and maintenance crews.

Councillors Peter Byatt, Malcolm Pither, Tess Gandy and Loiuse Gooch provided funding for the grounds equipment through an enabling communities budget pot of cash.

Each East Suffolk councillor has £7,500 to hand out a year.

Fiona Peat, youth chairwoman at Kirkley and Pakefield Football Club, said: “As you can imagine, the sheer number of teams, games and usage that the pitches have throughout the season is vast, so it’s a constant task to ensure the facilities and pitches are in a useable state.

“We organise all sorts of fundraising events for the adults and youth teams to get involved with, but this grant from the East Suffolk councillors has made a huge difference allowing us to maintain and service our vitally important grounds maintenance equipment.”