A timely intervention from a charitable group has seen 18 clocks donated to the James University Paget Hospital.

Lowestoft Lions Club gave the digital day clocks to Ward 17 to support haematology patients receiving treatment at the hospital.

Nurse Jessica Young said: “On Ward 17 we are fortunate enough to have all side rooms, however we do not have clocks in these rooms.

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"For some patients this can be particularly confusing or distressing if they do not have a mobile or watch with them and they have no idea of the time or date.

"We were thinking that rather than clocks on walls, which those with sight problems may struggle to see from their beds, it would be great to have individual clocks with the date and time that could be placed on their tables so they have easy access to.”

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Maxine Taylor, James Paget charity manager, said: “We are really grateful to Lowestoft Lions for purchasing the clocks for Ward 17.

"These will help patients and staff on the ward with a full electronic display, and will be easy to keep clean," she added.