Bouncing back: The perfect place in Lowestoft for a sunny day out

victoria manning

Victoria Manning, runs various businesses across Claremont Pier alongside her family. - Credit: Victoria Pertusa

The recent mini heatwave, start of the summer holidays and 'freedom day' has meant many have taken the opportunity to visit the coast.

This news has come as welcome relief to coastal businesses in towns like Lowestoft, who rely heavily on seasonal trade during the summer months.

Here at The Journal and with East Suffolk Council our Bouncing Back campaign is a call on local people to return to the town and shop locally following the coronavirus pandemic.

bouncing back

Bouncing back campaign logo. - Credit: Archant

Pocket guides to Lowestoft - showcasing maps, walks and information aplenty - have been produced by the council and are being distributed as part of the campaign, with further guides in the process of being handed out.

The Manning family opened Piranha's Joe's beach bar in April and slowly reopened various other businesses at the pier as well including a gift shop, sports bar, fish and chip restaurant and arcades.

piranha joe's beach bar

Piranha Joe's Beach Bar was set up in April as lockdown restrictions were eased. - Credit: Victoria Pertusa

Victoria Manning, one of the directors at the pier said: "With the start of the summer holidays we have seen lots of holidaymakers coming here to Lowestoft.

"I anticipate we will be busy for the rest of these six weeks if the sunny weather continues.

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"The terrace is not only proving popular with holidaymakers but with locals as well and with both trade will be good.

claremont pier views

Amazing views from the brand new Terrace bar at Claremont Pier. - Credit: Mick Howes

"I think what makes Lowestoft great is the beach we have here. It is one of the best I have been to in the UK.

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"We've had people who were here last year who have said the seafront area has transformed for the better which is great to hear."

charmaine llewellyn

Charmaine Llewellyn, one of the owners of the Claremont Pier, happy with the hot weather as the summer arrives at Lowestoft seafront. - Credit: DENISE BRADLEY

Charmaine Llewellyn, one of the other directors at Claremont Pier, welcomed the sunny weather after slow trade because of bad weather and the pandemic.

She said: "Beautiful sunny days like these are great for businesses like ours.

"We are hopeful for a good summer if the weather stays like this.

claremont pier terrace bar

A drink being enjoyed at the new Terrace bar at Claremont Pier. - Credit: Mick Howes

"We feel Claremont Pier is the perfect place to come because everyone has a few things to do.

"We've got the gift shop to buy things for the beach, the fish and chip shop for lunch, our bar which does pizzas, a coffee shop, amusements arcade and newly opened rooftop terrace.

"People are attracted to Lowestoft because the beach is so good here.

claremont pier terrace bar

The Terrace bar is the perfect spot on a warm summer day. - Credit: Mick Howes

"It is the most easterly point as well so the sun in the morning here is great."

Reporter Jasper King went to sample a great day out you can have in Lowestoft at Claremont Pier.

Gift shop

jasper king beach

Reporter Jasper King getting ready for a beach day out in Lowestoft. - Credit: Victoria Pertusa

The gift shop is the perfect place to find beachwear, surfboards or anything in between.

Most people like myself forget at least one item when visiting the beach, so it is useful having a gift shop right by the beach.

It also gives you the opportunity to buy some presents for people back home if you are away on holiday.

Amusement arcades

jasper king claremont pier

Reporter Jasper King samples the new and improved amusement arcades at Claremont Pier. - Credit: Jasper King

The new and improved amusement arcades are now bigger and they have been transformed.

The amusement arcades have been popular with locals and tourists alike since restrictions were eased for indoor settings in May.

Refurbishment work was carried out during lockdown and now includes some brand new games.

Beach and sports bar

piranha joes

The Piranha Joe's Beach Bar and rooftop terrace has been popular amongst locals and tourists alike. - Credit: Victoria Pertusa

Piranha Joe's Beach Bar opened in April with the rooftop terrace recently opening in June.

The bar and rooftop terrace is the perfect place for locals and tourists alike to grab a drink and a bite to eat during or after a day at the beach.

claremont pier

The front of the beach bar on Claremont Pier. - Credit: Mick Howes

The rooftop terrace is the only one in Lowestoft and has fantastic views of the town, beach and seafront area.

seaside train

The seafront land train running every day throughout the summer holidays on Lowestoft promenade. - Credit: Mick Howes

The seafront land train is also running every day this summer and is expected to encourage tourism.

Fish and chip restaurant

fish and chips claremont pier

The Fish and Chip restaurant located on Claremont Pier. - Credit: Denise Bradley

A trip to the British seaside is not complete without a portion of fish and chips.

The fish and chip restaurant on Claremont Pier is the perfect stopping off point for a bit of lunch and its central location to the beach area makes it all the more appealing.

So next time you find yourself wanting to eat, drink, relax and shop in Lowestoft, Claremont Pier is the place to go.

claremont pier

External shot of Claremont Pier on a summer's day, highlighting some of the many changes to the facilities over the past year. - Credit: Mick Howes

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