An anchorage off the Suffolk coast is continuing to welcome some of the largest container ships in the world.

Shipping watchers have another large container vessel to view at a popular stopping off point off the Suffolk coast.

The latest to be spotted off the coast between Lowestoft and Southwold is HMM Gdansk.

The 400m-long container ship arrived on Saturday, October 22.

Over the last few months some of the world’s largest container ships have anchored off Lowestoft and Southwold while waiting their turn to dock in Hamburg, Germany.

Currently HMM Gdansk is anchored five miles off Lowestoft and is clearly visible from the shore.

According to marine websites the giant vessel will be at anchor until heading for Hamburg to arrive in Germany on November 9.

The Panama registered container ship HMM Gdansk is owned by the South Korean Shipping Company and is one of 12 in the fleet which are some of the largest container ships in the world.

The vessel - which was built in 2020 and has a gross tonnage of 215,000 - sailed from Rotterdam laden with a cargo of containers to the current anchorage.

The container ship is attracting a lot of attention from holidaymakers and locals.

It comes after four of the largest container ships in the world Mol Truth, Mol Trust, Eleonora Maersk and HMM Stockholm have been spotted off Lowestoft and Southwold in recent months.

With the sightings of the vessels on the horizon initially mystifying locals as to the reason for the arrivals, overcrowded container terminals across Europe sparked delays and kept ships at anchor over recent months - with the Southwold Anchorage proving to be a popular stop off point.

Last month an independent family business - which offers boat trips around the harbour and nearby coastline - highlighted the boost in demand from visitors to see the new marine attractions.

Lowestoft-based boat trip company Jet Adventures has provided the chance for visitors "to get up close and personal" during trips out to get a closer look at the vessels.

As well as this container ship off Lowestoft there is also a large crude oil tanker currently at the Southwold anchorage.